Aer Lingus Mentored Cadet Pilot Programme 2017

Application process has now closed. Thank you for your interest.

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FAQs: Educational Questions

What are the minimum educational requirements?

  • You must have passed your Leaving Certificate (6 subjects) or equivalent*
  • You must have obtained C3 grades in English and Mathematics at ordinary level or D3 at higher level in the Leaving Certificate
  • You must also have a minimum of 2 higher level subjects with a minimum of C3 grades in the Leaving Certificate

*Equivalent grades are as follows:

  • GCSE Maths and English must be minimum of grade C plus
  • 3 A Levels taken at A2 level in any subject with minimum grades C,C,D

Where the minimum Leaving Certificate or equivalent grades have not been met, you must have one of the following qualifications:

  • A minimum of a Level 7 third level (ordinary degree) in any discipline
  • Completed an aviation-related apprenticeship

How do I know if my qualifications are the 'relevant equivalent' so that I am eligible to apply?

Please find an information page relating to educational requirements and educational qualifications in the link below, this should assist you in working out the equivalent.

Please read this information carefully to see if you have the necessary qualifications to apply.

If selected, can I defer the training to complete my college course?

No. The training course runs to a fixed timetable, you may however be able to complete your college course via distance learning or as a part-time option once your training is finished.


FAQs: General Questions

What stages are involved in the recruitment process?

  • All completed online application forms must be submitted by midnight (IST) on Monday 11th July 2016. No further applications will be accepted after that time
  • You will receive an email acknowledging that we have received your application.
  • Applications will be screened.
  • Candidates who progress through the screening will receive on-line assessments and will be given 72hours to complete. It is in your best interest to complete the assessments as soon as possible. After this time the link will no longer be available.
  • Shortlisted candidates will be invited to the group assessment stage which will be held in Dublin between Monday 26th September 2016 and Friday 30th September 2016.
  • Please note that you will be required to provide copies of your Leaving Certificate or equivalent (including any third level degree or aviation related apprenticeship) to verify that you meet the essential criteria at the group assessment centre stage in Dublin.
  • Candidates may also be asked to retake the online assessments during the assessment centre.
  • Part of the selection process involves passing a Class 1 and company medical.

Is there any flexibility on the dates for the assessment centers or the interview?

No unfortunately, we cannot facilitate any changes to the dates. As there are a very limited number of slots available there is no room for any flexibility in changing dates and/or times for the assessment centers or interviews.

When and where does the Training Programme begin and finish?

The courses will begin during January 2017, with training estimated to finish in March/April 2018 at Flight Training Europe in Jerez, Spain.

Can I make my own accommodation arrangements?

No, this is an integrated course and the accommodation will be available on campus.

What time off can I expect during the training programme?

There are a number of blocks of leave built into the course. The first is timed to coincide with the completion of the first set of exams. (5 months into the course) There will also be a period over Christmas, depending on the arrangements at the school. The exact detail will be provided to candidates when they commence training in FTE Jerez.

Do I have to pay for the training costs to complete the course?

Confirmation of any available funding will be confirmed during the recruitment process. You will be responsible for any additional expenses incurred during the period of training. You should plan to have sufficient funds available to you for the period of the training.

Will there be an allowance paid while I am on pilot training course?

Yes. Aer Lingus will provide a small allowance during the course.

Is there a Bond?

Yes, there will be a bond in place during your training, and for a period after you commence as a First Officer.

If you leave immediately following qualification you will be liable to repay the entire cost of your training.

The bond will remain in place for a set period. The amount due will reduce depending on how long you have remained in employment following qualification.

It is only due to be paid if you resign from the company within the period of the bond. The final details of this will be confirmed to each successful candidate.


FAQs: Travel Arrangements

Will Aer Lingus provide tickets during the training programme?

We will make the necessary travel arrangements at the start and end of the training programme. It is envisaged that for the main periods of leave, tickets will be provided, on a standby basis, back to Dublin.

Can family come to visit during the training course?

The course is very intensive and has a number of exams and flight tests throughout the 14 months. However, family visits can be planned for times when they will not interfere/distract from your studies.

Is there any travel assistance provided to applicants during the recruitment phase?

No. We do not provide assistance to candidates attending for assessments or interview.


FAQs: Medical Questions

Will there be a medical examination prior to being offered a position on the Mentored Cadet Pilot Training Programme?

Yes you will be required to complete an EASA IAA Class 1 medical examination and an Aer Lingus Company medical prior to being offered a position on the Mentored Cadet Pilot Training Programme.

I have an EASA Class 2 medical. Will this suffice?

No. You will be required to undergo an IAA Class1 medical examination.

I have an EASA Class 1 medical issued by a different Aviation Authority. Do I have to undergo an IAA Class 1 medical?

No but you will have to apply to transfer your Class 1 medical to the IAA. This process will be explained at a later stage in the process should you be successful. Please consult the medical requirements for an EASA Class 1 medical on to ensure that you can satisfy all the requirements.