Aer Lingus planes carry a lot more than passengers and their luggage. The 'hold' of the plane is a vast space and it gives us the capacity to run a thriving Cargo business.

Aer Lingus Careers

Managing capacity is a big thing in a cargo business. A large consignment of pillows will take up space but weigh little, while a few iron bars or ornaments may take up little space but weigh a lot. So getting the balance right is important.

In operations, there are entry level jobs for cargo agents. It's satisfying, physical work and we deliver our own training in forklift driving, manual-handling, security and health and safety.

This area is all about attitude and commitment. Our cargo is precious to us. We carry everything from live animals, to pharmaceutical products. We treat them all with the care and respect we know they deserve.


FAQ on Cargo

What about the job of cargo agent in operations?

The operations area is where it all happens. The cargo is loaded and unloaded, tracked and dispatched. We have people working in Dublin and Shannon.

Is it a full time job?

Not necessarily. Some of our cargo agents work 20 hour weeks.

What sort of person are you looking for?

We want people who are flexible and who don't mind unsocial hours. This is a 24 hour operation. We want people who like working with others, because it is very much a team based operation. And we want people who understand the importance of taking care of the materials they are handling, and the importance of ensuring high levels of Health and Safety.

You do need a driving license. A forklift driving license is desirable but not essential. Even if you have one, we will give you a refresher course. And as well as training you in forklift driving if you need it, we will also train you in Security, Manual Handling and Health and Safety.

Why is timing so important?

Our cargo can be life-saving, for example medication required by cancer patients. The flight won't wait for the cargo, so the cargo must be ready for the flight.