There's something about working in an airport, even if you are not actually dealing directly with passengers, there is still an energy, a buzz, an excitement about the place. That's probably why there is such a sense of drive and commitment in our Catering Department.

Aer Lingus Careers

Aer Lingus catering is a large operation. Everything they prepare must arrive safe, secure and enticing at the aircraft in time for its scheduled departure. To ensure that happens, catering staff work in a number of different areas. You might be creating gourmet meals, packaging bought in dishes, assembling trays, storing and assembling all the duty-free products, and clearing, cleaning and recycling all that comes back from inbound flights. There is a sizeable transport operation too.

So it's a big department with lots of opportunity. Working in shifts, different roles available include chefs, supervisors, porters, drivers, loaders and cleaners.


FAQ on Catering

What airlines are being catered for, by Aer Lingus' Flight kitchen?

Our Flight Kitchen caters for Aer Lingus and Emirates. Aer Lingus provides a full meal service to its passengers on long-haul flights, and 'buy-on-board' services on short haul.

So are all the meals for all those services created in Flight Kitchen?

Not all of them. We have a team of chefs in our Hot Kitchen creating fresh meals every day for the Business Class passengers on Aer Lingus and for the First and Business Class passengers on Emirates.

How do you get all the meals to the aircraft?

We do. This is a big logistical operation. We have freezers, chillers and storage for each stage of the process. We run our own transport operation to the flights. Our staff bring catering loads back from the planes, to the clearance and wash up area. And with all of this, we also have high security requirements, of course, because our people are sealing and dispatching trucks and loading the goods onto aircraft.

Who decides what passengers will eat?

Our aim is to produce food that can be served to perfection aboard our aircraft, so menus are designed with that in mind. The key of course is to produce food which can be reproduced to its original standard after a secondary cooking process. So menus are designed with that in mind..

Do you cater for other airlines?

Yes. We provide meals for other airlines operating from Dublin airport, offering different menus and separate kitchens if necessary. It gives us the opportunity to create different and exciting meals. The fact that other airlines such as Emirates use our services gives us immense pride and satisfaction.

So it's a good place to work? Hours?

It is a good place to work. We work shifts mainly between 5am and 11pm. We provide uniforms and safety shoes. The pay is good, we provide meals, the environment is fast paced, lively and exciting and people tend to like that. We are producing a highly visible product to high standards and our people take great pride in what they do.