Our Guest Services team are the face of the airline at the airport. From check-in, to boarding at the gate and greeting guests arriving back at the airport, Guest Services ensure our guests have a safe and pleasant journey.

Aer Lingus Careers

Check In is usually the first physical contact point the airline has with a guest on their journey. It's a customer service role, making sure the guests' flight experience starts as well as possible. But Check In is also about safety, which is why the Check In team make sure that guests' visas and passports are in order, and ensure that guests have packed their own bags. It's about making sure that families get to sit together, reassuring nervous guests, and generally recognising that what we do on the ground affects the whole journey.

Our Guest Services Team are also responsible for boarding all our guests onto the correct flights, ticket sales and reservations, baggage tracing, and looking after our Frequent flyer and Business Lounges.


FAQ on Guest Services

Tell me about the working in the boarding area?

On any given day, boarding staff may also have worked on check-in. Their job at boarding is to get all our guests on board our aircraft, generally within 20 minutes, having checked all their IDs and passports. It's quite a feat to make all guests feel special and as comfortable as possible while doing this, but being safe and being punctual is what brings people back to fly with us.

How do we look after guests who need to change their reservations or buy tickets?

Some guests want to buy a ticket for the next available flight. Sometimes ticket sales are to people who have missed flights and who are therefore making an unexpected and unwelcome purchase. Our team aim to satisfy those guests while still retaining them as customers.

Check in staff also work in the lounges. This is where an extra level of care and attention is devoted to our Business Class and frequent flyer guests.

Tell me more about working in baggage tracing?

There's an average of 150 bags on each one of our 85,000 departures every year, so that's a lot of bags to keep track of, but we are really proud of our baggage handling record. The industry standard is 6 lost pieces per thousand transported. Our target is 3, and currently, we are on about 1. We take people's baggage very seriously, and out baggage tracing team make sure that guests are re-united with any lost baggage as soon as possible.